Clean and Jerk Clinic

Clean and Jerk Clinic

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Time: 10:15AM-12:15PM
Date: Sat, Feb 1st
Place: CrossFit Undeniable - 8861 Harlan Street Westminster, CO 80031

Join CrossFit Undeniable for a two-hour workshop dedicated to clean and jerk technique. The workshop will be led by coach and Olympic Lifting competitor Spence Kemp.

In the seminar, we'll be breaking down the stages of both the clean and jerk in detail. Attendees can expect some light whiteboard lecture, drills for each phase of the clean and jerk, in-depth technique analysis, and movement corrections. The end goal for this seminar is that those who attend walk away with a complete understanding of the movements, as well as some diagnostic movements, drills, and cues to further develop the clean and jerk.

Event Info:

Clean and Jerk Clinic

Date: Feb. 1, 2020

Location: 8861 Harlan Street, Westminster CO

Registration: $40.00

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